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This offer is a no-brainer! Top shelf, cutting edge CE for rehab geeks at an average cost per credit hour of $12!!! This incredible value includes the following benefits:

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Currently, 35+ hrs of CE and we will continue to expand the library of material available to you over time. Lifetime members will have full access to all future coursework.

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NCA-Sports hernia and groin pain-1.5 hrs

Groin pain may be from visceral, joint, bone, muscle or nerve origin. Join us for this 1.5 hour course showing how to integrate the current evidence regarding mechanical sensitivity of neurology, pain science and metabolomics into your practice.

$150.00 Included!

NCA-Lumbar Disc Rehab in the Strength Athlete-13 hrs

A landmark collaboration with Dr. Snell and the coaches at Kabuki Strength Lab for the most complete approach to returning to training anywhere in the world. Join us as we chronicle the rehab of one of our disc-injured coaches.

$1,300.00 Included!

NCA-Superior Cluneal Neuralgia -1 hr.

SCN is a commonly overlooked cause of low back pain and can often be treated manually with great success. It may occur as a sequela to lower lumbar disc herniation or in elderly women after upper lumbar compression fracture.

$99.00 Included!

NCA-Shoulder pain-1.5 hrs

This course covers the NeuroCentric Approach perspective on common shoulder pain conditions. We cover evidence informed neurological and orthopedic evaluations for the cervical spine and shoulder and integrate the NCA views.

$148.00 Included!

NCA-Elbow pain-1.5 hrs

Is it a tendinopathy or is it sensitized neurology that is not a true radicular process? Here we cover the source of the pain in most chronic elbows that have been diagnosed as tendinopathy.

$148.00 Included!

NCA-Ankle and foot pain-1.5 hrs

In this course, we discuss commonly missed items in the assessment and treatment of Achilles tendinopathy and chronic plantar fasciitis.

$148.00 Included!

NCA-Knee pain-1 hr.

Pain in the front and inside portion of the knee may commonly be related to sliding dysfunction of the small nerves in that area. Learn how to assess and correct that in this course.

Free Included!

NCA-Epigenetic Contributors to the Painful Disc-2 Hours

People with no back pain often have pathological findings in the lumbar discs on MRI. People with low back pain have a higher prevalence of these pathological findings. Why? Join Dr. Phillip Snell to learn how to integrate this info into practice.

$198.00 Included!

NCA-NeuroCentric Approach-Theory and Indications for Application-3 hrs.

This online course is a prerequisite for in-person, practical courses for NeuroCentric Approach®.

$297.00 Included!

NCA-Clinical Companion to hrs. is an online course from Dr. Phillip Snell for those with lumbar disc herniation. The Clinical Companion to offers the clinician a window into how to incorporate this very effective flow into clinical practice.

$792.00 Included!

NCA-Dermal Traction Method-3 hrs.

Dermal Traction Method (DTM) offers a new, neurocentric, perspective on manual therapy. Join co-developer of DTM, Dr. Phillip Snell, for detailed videos of assessment and treatment in this highly practical technique. 3 hrs. CE for most chiros.

$297.00 Included!
Thadd Dudry, LMT
Instructor-Anatomy Trains

Anatomy Trains instructor finds NeuroCentric Approach a perfect add-on!

"NCA helps to localize where to apply your work. Using the Graded Neuro Exam, you can learn whether brain-based work is best or spinal cord/nerve root, or out in the periphery, or even at the cellular level working on their systemic health."

Michael Rintala, DC
Instructor-Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

DNS instructor says the Dermal Traction Method is a definite add-on!

"NCA integrates well with DNS and enhances the work I'm already doing with all of the athletes I work with."

Eric Munson, ATC
Los Angeles Angels

Professional baseball ATC notes that players with chronic symptoms will benefit.

"I think this will help minimize downtime and improve recovery in my players, especially pitchers."

Brandon Fromm, DC
Chiropractic Physician

Seasoned chiropractor finds unexpected benefit in his view of practice

"I had been getting burned out the last couple of years more than I had recognized, but NCA has made me more confident in my ability to properly diagnose and treat patients. I'm making tremendous breakthroughs with so many cases, and finally resolving cases I admittedly had just been able to manage the severity of."

DJ Goldstein, DC
Chiropractic Physician

Chiropractic physician finds his patients think he has super powers!

"I can’t even express how effective this method has been for my patients. Saved a few from getting knee surgery by mobilizing geniculates and saphenous. Knocked out countless numbers of 1+ year long plantar fasciitis in a visit or two. Resolved pain in hip patients that have been chronic for 4+ years. Had some great results by targeting spinal accessory nerve. Mobilizing brachial plexus in axilla to knock out TOS and shoulder symptoms. Had numerous patients cry after getting off the table and realizing their pain is finally gone."

Adam Goulet, DC
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician; Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

The NeuroCentric Approach has been a game-changer for my practice, revolutionizing the way I approach patient care!

"Implementing NCA ideas has proven to be a transformative journey, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of each patient's neurological profile from a top-down approach. By integrating this approach into our diagnostic and treatment protocols, we have witnessed notable improvements in diagnostic precision and treatment efficacy."

James Dalton, DC
chiropractic physician

"It has greatly exceeded my expectations and the value is incredible"

"It's probably the best bang-for-my-buck membership/continuing ed course I've purchased. That would be true even if I could only go through the content once, so it's even more value that I can continually review it. It'll change the way you approach cases from an analysis AND treatment standpoint."

Steffen Toates, DC
Chiropractic physician

"I feel like NCA is the missing piece that has helped to tie together all the CPD I have done in the past"

"I have had multiple breakthroughs with difficult cases as a result of applying the NCA framework - that alone has been worth the price of entry"

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